Sales Performance Coaching for Hospitality

Sales Performance Coaching London

Calling All Hospitality HR, Training & Development, Recruitment and Headhunting Connections out there!

Would you like to stay ahead of the game and bring the most innovative solutions for your clients or business when it comes to training and development needs? Would you like to help you teams and clients thrive and flourish?

When senior managers reach certain level and stakes are high, the most effective way to enhance performance, promote skills development and personal growth is through tapping into individual’s resources and boosting intrinsic motivation. This is were performance coaching comes in play and brings personal development a a whole new level.

I am a Sales Performance Coach for hospitality with over 12 years’ experience in the industry and 7yrs in Corporate Sales offering bespoke coaching and skills development training sessions on a wide range of topics such as how to implement pro-active sales structure and mindset, get new clients, enhance communication skills and assertion to how to manage stress.

What are the benefits of interactive learning and coaching I offer?

  • Well-defined pro-active and reactive sales structure to drive business forward
  • Clear line of sight between sales actions, sales goals and business outcomes
  • Promoted accountability and ownership of executing sales actions
  • Improved overall pro-active sales performance of reservations team
  • Realising individual character strengths to boost intrinsic motivation and tap into potential
  • Enhanced communication and assertion skills
  • Enhanced pro-active sales mindset in place
  • Personal development
  • Experienced mentoring, coaching and training

Other Coaching Services I offer: Lifestyle, Stress Management, Performance, Transitions in Life, Health & Well-being, Self-esteem. Motivation, Set & Achieve Goals, Procrastination, Perfectionism, etc.

To find our more about coaching services I offer please visit my website –

To get in touch, please email me on or call me on my mobile 07852474343.

BONUS TO YOUR CLIENT: Whoever refers my services first, I would be delighted to deliver a complimentary two hours bespoke skills development training session for this client / business on one of the following topics – pro-active sales & events, set and achieve goals, time management, performance / stress/ time management, effective communication skills and assertion.


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