Is your sales team the best it can be? Do you want your sales managers to convert 10X more sales leads? Do you feel like they need a bit of a kick start? In-house corporate sales training and coaching will be the best solution for you to enhance your sales team’s effectiveness and boost performance.

Sales is a complex process that requires delicacy and skills. Sales skills must be constantly refined, nurtured and developed. Investing in sales training for your team is priceless.

5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Sales Training:

1. Competence – developing and possessing the skills to fulfill the requirements of the job. Ability to align solutions to customers’ needs is a foundation selling skill that is highly correlated with sales success.

2. Adaptability – having the ability and motivation to continuously learn and adapt as the role and business needs change.

3. Team retention – high sales force turnover can have a serious detrimental effect on sales productivity. Continuous sales training and coaching reinforces professional development and decreases sales staff turnover.

4. Enhanced sales effectiveness – sales training equips your sales team with new effective and efficient sales techniques and helps to pinpoint and eliminate any sales mistakes or strategies that don’t work. Knowing which strategy to use to close the deal enables the sales team to be highly effective and convert more leads.

5. Mindset change –  having a pro-active sales-centric workforce is critical to the business success. Sharing a sense of purpose and common values is crucial to team’s motivation and effectiveness as well as the ability to work constructively and consistently towards their personal and work goals and objectives.

Training topics are agreed upon and prioritised beforehand based on business needs and sales targets.  Some of the sales training areas that can be covered are as follows:

  • Sales skills audit
  • Sales mistakes
  • Solution vs provocation-based selling
  • Four client personality types & how to sell to each of them
  • Sales pitch strategy
  • 3 C’s of executive presence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective communication skills  – communication components, building rapport, active listening, positive body language, listening blocks, Socratic questioning
  • Four sides communication model
  • Inoffensive  /fear / assumptive close
  • Assertion techniques
  • Situational leadership
  • Harvard’s principled negotiation method
  • Essential rules of negotiations
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Performance management
  • Professional burn-out and well-being

Any other sales or performance related topics can be discussed and addressed through training or sales coaching.

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