Sales Coaching & Training

Sales Coaching

Combining over 12 years’ experience in hospitality and sales together with coaching brings sales performance coaching, training and consulting on a whole new level. This is the difference that makes the difference.
Sales Performance Consultancy / Training / Mentoring / Coaching for hospitality can be done on the following topics (but not limited too) and can be adjusted to your exact business needs:

  • Sales skills
  • Communication skills & assertion
  • Negotiation techniques & overcoming customers’ objections
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Performance management
  • Well-being and burn-out
  • Executive coaching for senior management team
  • Any other sales or performance related topics that need to be addressed

Benefits of Sales Performance Training and Coaching:

  • Well-defined pro-active and reactive sales structure to drive business forward
  • Clear line of sight between sales actions, sales goals and business outcomes
  • Enhanced pro-active sales mindset in place
  • Promoted accountability and ownership of executing sales actions
  • Improved overall pro-active sales performance of reservations team
  • Realising individual character strengths to boost intrinsic motivation and tap into potential
  • Enhanced communication and assertion skills
  • Personal development
  • Experienced mentoring, coaching and training
  • Increased goals attainment and improved performance of senior management team via executive coaching
  • Innovative approach and bespoke techniques to meet your exact business needs
  • Expert knowledge of the industry
  • Team /Group or 1-2-1 training or coaching sessions

Other Coaching Services I offer: Lifestyle, Stress Management, Performance, Transitions in Life, Health & Well-being, Self-esteem. Motivation, Set & Achieve Goals, Procrastination, Perfectionism, etc.

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