What is Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching focuses on boosting sales performance, however there is no ‘one fit all’ approach as every person faces different challenges. When you reach certain level in your career, any professional development or personal growth agenda should be reached through realising and reflecting upon your individual needs and challenges. Coaching is the most powerful and effective tool to deliver just that. So whether you need to refocus, get a clear line of sight between your sales goals and actions, boost motivation or polish on your active listening skills, I’ve got it all covered.

Executive Sales Coaching addresses the following topics (but not limited too) and they are adjusted to your individual or business needs and challenges. essentially, each coaching programme is bespoke and tailored to suit your professional development needs:

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Developing executive presence

Sales skills audit

Sales mistakes

Effective communication skills

Active listening

Assertion techniques

Overcoming performance anxiety

Essential rules of negotiations

Overcoming client objections



Situational leadership

Stress management

Time management

Performance management

Well-being and professional burn-out


Self-esteem, self-efficacy and confidence

Overcoming perfectionism

Tackling procrastination



Any other sales or performance related topics can be discussed and addressed upon request.

Sessions can be done 1-2-1 or in team environment online or in person.

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It is my coaching mission to help you and your business thrive and supercharge sales effectiveness and I am committed to work tirelessly to that end.If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your coaching experience or results, I’ll happily offer you a complimentary session t make it right.

Benefits of  Sales Coaching

With sales and executive coaching you or your executives become:

1. Competent: Possessing the skills to fulfill the requirements of your job.

2. Aligned: Sharing a sense of purpose and common values that motivate you to be more effective and work more constructively and consistently towards your personal and work goals and objectives.

3. Self-directed: Demonstrating personal responsibility and accountability, leadership initiative and sound independent judgement in your role.

4. Adaptable: Having the ability and motivation to continuously learn and adapt as your role and business needs change.

Executive sales coaching is a very powerful process that brings many wonderful benefits for you or your business. Some of them are as follows:

– Well-defined pro-active and reactive sales structure to drive business forward

– Clear line of sight between sales actions, sales goals and business outcome

– Enhanced pro-active sales mindset

– Promoted accountability and ownership of executing sales actions

– Improved overall pro-active sales performance of sales team

– Realising individual character strengths to boost intrinsic motivation and tap into potential

– Enhanced communication and assertion skills

– Personal development

– Increased goals attainment and improved performance of senior management team via executive coaching

– Innovative approach and bespoke techniques to meet your exact business needs


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