Troubleshooting sales consulting is about understanding what currently works well and underpinning areas for improvements to drive your business forward. There is no one fit all approach so it all starts with a dialogue where we discuss current challenges and set objectives.

Typically, clients wants me to:

  • Troubleshoot sales team performance
  • Provide overall diagnostics of sales department
  • Review team dynamics and it’s effectiveness, efficiency and productivity
  • Analyze current sales cycle and  protocols and highlight areas for improvement
  • Look at opportunities to maximise conversion of new and existing enquiries
  • Review power statement
  • Shadow sales team, listen to sales calls, attend client meetings to assess sales pitch delivery, interpersonal skills and overall client engagement
  • Map out a plan for sales team development such as tailored sales training and coaching programme
  • Assist with creating a sales structure for new businesses / start-ups
  • Consult on overall restructuring of existing sales team
  • Provide on-going support and be a wise buddy for their sales teams

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