Anastasia did a few sessions with me helping me to set priorities in life and get more emotional stability. She is great in what she does and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve learnt a lot from our coaching sessions and the effect is surely long lasting. I highly recommend her as a coach, give it a try and you’ll get hooked by her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge.
Elena, Culinary School Owner, London/Siberia, Russia

Anastasia is a great specialist! I was struggling with finding a new job, I’d always get distracted by external tasks and was not able to fully concentrate on filling in the applications. After spending just an hour and a half with her I was able to come up with a proper job hunting plan and to follow it. Three weeks later I’ve received my dream job offer. I highly recommend booking in a session with Anastasia if you’re struggling and need a friendly but efficient advice.
Mariya, Marketing Manager, London

I was struggling with stress at work trying to juggle a few roles in my life at a time. In only one hour of the first session Anastasia helped me to make a step back, to find a stress trigger, map it to my goals and to write an action plan. Using her knowledge she slides and diced the situations which concerned me and it opens my eyes on how some decisions can emotionally and physically affect us. I was also provided with some amazing tools on stress management which I use every day.
I matured, met my fears, found solutions, invested time into myself. It worth every minute. I absolutely loved these sessions. Thank you!
Olga, Account Manager, London

I had a few sessions with Anastasia recently to work on my life goals & priorities. I came to a point in my life where I was a bit confused as to what direction to take next, work wise and in personal life. Through deep powerful conversations with Anastasia, she calls it guided discovery, I was able to have a 360 degree outlook at what’s going on in my life, refocus and figure out what I want to do next. It was very energetic and highly empowering! Highly recommended.

Veronika, Business Owner, London